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Welcome to RapidAuctionSoft – Penny Auction and Ecommerce Software Solutions

Thank you for coming to RapidAuctionSoft sellers and designers of Penny Auction Software and the Best PHP Penny Auction Script available

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We are now able to offer drop shipper integrations, to offer you a complete turnkey operation!!!

Already have a penny auction website?
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Is it based upon old technology?
Does it have bugs?
Does it crash?
Do emails end up in spam?
Is your SEO not working? Is it not mobile friendly?

We can integrate your design and content into our much superior system

New Update – Includes better corner images (choose from 3 styles and 8 colors, all dynamic text is now language supported as well), RSS, RSS+Atom feeds, Sitemaps for auctions and CMS content and numerous other changes!!!

We look forward to discussing your Penny Auction Website ideas with you. Every client has their own ideas and we enjoy writing custom Auction Code, nothing is to complex for us. We get excited about all of our clients ideas, in fact it is the best part of our job…we love to share in your excitement


Call us anytime, We work with overseas companies all the time

So you are serious about an e-commerce or Penny Auction Software business?
You have done your research and heard bad stories about other e-commerce platforms, and are concerned about buying from a reputable source. Well we have your back. With free upgrades A guaranty that is best in business and the longest trial period that we have ever seen. Try it for 14 days risk free on one of our servers…and when you are ready deploy to your own server, or choose one pof our hosted solutions
For a limited time we have space for 3 beta testing websites….these 3 websites that deploy and test responsibly will get there software for free for life…excluding custom design or programming. Send emails concerning beta testing to our development team

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Penny Auction Software


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Do you need a Penny Auction Software Solution, Penny Auction Script Solutions or an E-Commerce Solution

Best Penny Auction Software, Penny Auction Script Solution Available
Penny Auction Script - Exhibia Clone
In 2018 we noticed that several sellers of Penny Auction Software and E-commerce software were using outdated techniques and little if no modern frameworks. So we began writing, we wrote our code from the ground up using CodeIgniter for our PHP. CodeIgniter is a modern MVC Framework (model, view, controller), which separates logic to where it’s needed, it is super easy to learn and develop for, is faster than typical PHP, more reliable and more future proof.

UpBids Clone - Shopping Cart Ecommerce Software

But that wasn’t enough, we also realized that the reason why most PHP only Penny Auction Software servers fail is because they rely upon AJAX timers, bidding and messaging. So moved all of this to and Node.JS. Meaning that the server can send messages directly to the client with no need for the client to continuously request new data. Our timers actually track bidding in 1000th’s of a second. Meaning that our bidding is faster, more stable and more reliable than other solutions. Don’t worry about someone complaining about a lost last second bid. Our bidding is tracked more accurately than other sites. You can literally see the high bidder change within the same second if multiple users bid at the same time.

World class Penny Auction Design

Happy Theme - Penny Auction ScriptFinally we realized most potential clients are more comfortable paying for hosting and maintenance in easy monthly payments, on Reliable load balanced servers, provided by one of the best server companies in the world! So we handle everything for you. If you outgrow a common server, then we can and will move you to your own server if need be. But you will still have all of the benefits of our version controlled software.

For a limited all time all new clients receive free installation, 5 hours of training and 5 hours of free design.

We offer more than just Penny Auction Solutions

Ask us about our shopping cart plugin.

Supports addition of new languages

Rock Solid timers, tracked in thousandths of a second. Making it the most accurate bidding system available.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Free 2 week trial.

Current Clones include

  • Quibids
  • Orange Bids
  • Dealdash
  • Upbids
  • Exhibia
  • Bidknight
  • Coinhawk

We also have 25 Penny Auction Software themes that can be applied to all of our products, meaning greater flexibility in Design for your Penny auction Software
Dealash Clone - Penny Auction Script

Ask us about other auction types, we do a lot more than just Penny Auction Software

Check out our live demos On our demo site!!!

Penny Auction Software Features

    • Registration Usually before placing a bid, the user is required to register.
    • Login Users can leverage the many advantages of being a member – log in to their account page, place a bid, add funds to their account and many more functions.

Dark Theme - Bidding Software

  • Purchase Credit/Add Balance Users can purchase credit and add balance to their account either via payment gateway, bank, or direct deposit before placing a bid.
  • Place Bids Users can choose a product and place a bid. The user can place as many bids as they wish until they win. They can also either place a single bid or save their bid and use Bidbutler to automatically bid on their behalf.
  • Bidbutler Bidbutler, also called the autobid or the master bid, is where the system places your saved bids automatically every ten seconds, or whichever interval you specify.
  • SMS Bids You don’t need to register and log in for an SMS bid. The SMS bidding information can be seen in the related auction and can be set by the administrator of the site.
  • Live Bid History Users can see their own and other bidding activities from the bid history section inside the product details page.
  • Winner The winner of the auction is the last person to place a bid when the time reaches zero seconds. The winner pays the final price for the auction item (which will be lower than the actual price).
    • Types of Auction There are many types of auction in the market; however, the most popular types are Regular Auction, Fixed Price Auction, Nilbitter Auction, Free Auction and Rookie Auction.
    • CMS The content management system (CMS), is where you can create different search-engine friendly pages for your auction site – such as About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, FAQ’s, Help, How It Works and so forth.

Quibids Clone - Free Pos System 11 User Account

Current Bidding Auction List – Here you can view your Current/Live Auction’s bidding information.

Won Auction List – From here you can view your list of won auctions and pay the final price.

Bid History Archive – Users can view their bid archive from here.

Add Found (Purchase Bid Pack) – Users can add balance in order to place a bid from this section.

Payment Method – Users can choose any payment method, all very reliable, and pay the auction’s final price. PayPal is the default payment gateway.

Transaction History – Users can view all their transaction activities from this section.

Redeem Code – Users can redeem special offer codes that are provided by the admin as a form of site promotion.

Refer a Friend – Users can refer as many friends as they wish. For every referral they can also receive bonus credits set by the admin.

Change Password – Users can change their account password from here.

Closed Account – Users can close their account and they cannot open their account with the same email address again.

Newsletter Setting – Users can either enable or disable the newsletter subscription option from this section.

  • Subscribe Newsletter Visitors can sign up for the auction newsletter to receive notifications, updates and offers.
  • Category Management The admin can manage (add, edit or delete) categories and search for categories either by name or ID.
  • Auctions Management Admin can add, edit or delete auctions and search for them by name, status, type and ID. The admin can also copy the same auction as well as look into it’s bidding history and other details.
  • Auctions Report/Delivery Admin can see the report of the winning auction or the details of the winner. The admin can change the auction’s pending status to delivery from this section.
  • Website Setting The admin can set site settings from this section.
  • Member Management The admin can either add, edit or delete users or search for their status, name and ID. The admin can also see users’ bidding & transaction history.
  • CMS The admin can add, edit or delete any of the site content such as Help, FAQ, Privacy Policy and so on.
  • Email Setting The admin can choose the email setting from this section – activate the email, forgot password etc.
  • Winner Management The admin can set the winner list with their image, address, and their responses.
  • Site Statistics The admin can view the website’s report and export the report in CSV format.
  • Time Zone Setting The admin can set his country’s time zone setting from this section.
  • Special Offer/Promotion Management
  • Time The admin can set special offers and bonuses to promote their website. Bonus codes will have a set time limit.Flagship Theme - Penny Auction Script
  • Bonus Setting The admin can set signup and referral bonuses.
  • Bid Pack Management The admin can set different bid packs along with free credit. The admin can add, edit or delete each Bid Pack.
  • Help/FAQ Management Create the Help and FAQ pages along with a description.
  • IP Block The admin can block any IP for further website access.
  • Change Password The admin can change their account password from here.
  • Live Support
  • Pause Auctions
  • Auto relist and auto list auctions
  • Login with Facebook or Twitter
  • Numerous addons / plugins and optiona features
  • Written in modern frameworks meaning it is stable and predictable

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